About Rail Yard, Inc.

Everyone needs telecom. Everyone hates telecom. Each year businesses spend billions on Internet and phone services, yet the process of researching and ordering services is extremely inefficient and time consuming. After facilitating negotiations between commercial building owners and telecom service providers, we knew that businesses needed a better way to find the right telecom services. This was the genesis of Rail Yard, where we have created a data-driven online marketplace to seamlessly connect businesses with the best technology services available at their location.

Telecom Concierge®

Our Telecom Concierge is transforming the way businesses find essential telecom services. We advocate for business customers (it’s high time someone did!) by aggregating competitive quotes from multiple service providers in real time. Next, we present all available options online in a dashboard, and throw in a dose of free, objective, expert guidance to ensure that you’ll find the right service at the best price. Then, we facilitate the entire order process and communicate what to expect at each step so that you get connected quickly with your sanity in tact.

Committed to Our Customers and Partners

The Rail Yard Team strives to provide a comprehensive platform for businesses looking for technology services while maintaining the highest level of accuracy, relevance and simplicity. We are proud of our extensive service provider relationships but we don’t play favorites. By providing a more transparent and efficient marketplace, we believe everyone benefits. We continue to partner with real estate and IT professionals across the country. Send us a note if you would like to discuss a partnership with your organization!


Co-Founder & CEO - Christopher Harman
Co-Founder & CMO - Cristi Jakubik
Technology Lead Guru - Pierce Harmon

Advisory Board

Mark Friedman - CEO, Accruent
Mark Lambourne - Founder, DC Capital
Rob Solomon - CEO, Bulldog Solutions
Shakeel Rashed - Founder, CloudInsight


Capital Factory Fund
Silverton Partners